Here are some of the comments our patients have made about our practice:


"I always enjoy coming to this office. Everyone is always so nice. Dr. Slutsky is a very good doctor and I highly recommend her.
- Irene C., West Orange

"The doctor was really nice and considerate. Coming here is very welcoming, pleasant experience.
Alexander N., Florham Park

"It's always a pleasure to come here. The staff and Dr. Lucy are wonderful!
Angie D., Livingston

"I am so happy. My son enjoyed his visit with the doctor and nurse. I want to thank you very much!!!"
Gladys M., West Orange

"PERFECT! Dr. Slutsky saved my tooth!"
SallyAnn M., Livingston

"It was as pleasant as always. The personnel make you feel special and render attention to you more than what is expected"
Rosemary H., West Orange

T.O., Livingston

"I have been coming here for a long time because I am very satisfied. I had a cleaning. It was quick, thorough and painless.
Alicia K., West Orange

"Dr. Slutsky is very reassuring and a very good dentist"
Lisa R., Verona

"A friend of mine told me about Dr. Slutsky. I like her very much. She is very pleasant and not painful."
Victoria B., Livingston

"Coming to Dr. Slutsky is a very nice experience. She is also very informative."
Gerald H., Westfield

"I like Dr. Lucy very much. My visit went very well."
Michelle D., Fairfield

"I found Dr. Slutsky online. I enjoyed my visit very much. Really good dentist."
Leroy W., West Orange

"Great dentist. I met Dr. Slutsky at our pre-school."
Lisa B., West Orange

"The office staff and doctor were very nice. I really enjoyed my visit"
Daphne P., Livingston

"I enjoyed my visit with Dr. Lucy today. Everything was excellent."
Tim T., Towaco

"Coming to Dr. Slutsky's officer is always good. Nice to have a dentist who also cleans teeth...very thoroughly I might add."
Pam M., North Arlington

"Great job. Everyone was so nice. Thank you."
Yolan B., West Orange

"Everything was fine. I am very happy with Dr. Slutsky"
Robert B., Harrison

"I enjoyed my visit about as much as you can enjoy going to the dentist. Been coming here for years!"
William B., West Orange

"I think Dr. Slutsky is a very good dentist"
Naomi B., Livingston

"Loved it!!!"
Sunny B., Fairfield

"Dr. Slutsky and her staff did a great job with my son. Thank you so much"
Matt S., West Orange

"VERY Good"
Yong W., West Orange

"I want to thank you very much. I really enjoyed my visit with Dr. Lucy"
Frank O., Union

My friend recommended me to Dr. Lucy. She is very nice and I was happy with her work."
Beatrice G., Roselle

It was my first visit with Dr. Slutsky and I was very happy. She is an excellent dentist and was very patient with me because I'm usually pretty frightened".
Jessica M., Livingston

"Good, well-informed and comfortable"
Michael B., Newark

"I always enjoy coming here. Dr. Slutsky and her dental assistants are the best!"
Svetlana G., Caldwell

"Dr. Lucy & the staff are always a pleasure."
Jonathan F., West Orange

"My visit was very good. I feel good. Thank you so much."
Lorna J., East Orange

"Great visit. No problems."
F.C., West Orange

"I came her because I received the doctor's flyer in the mail. Everyone is very nice and the exam was very thorough."
Wanda A., West Orange

"The doctor is very nice and educated. She is also very gentle."
H.V., Orange

"Fine visit."
David F., West Orange

"I saw their advertisement. I enjoyed my visit today. I received very useful information."
Sandra B., West Orange

"It was fine. Easy cleaning."
Jennifer W., West Orange

"I had a good visit. I like that I did not have to wait long to see the doctor."
Liz-Ann C., West Orange

"Very enjoyable, relaxing, very professional, and I like the way everything was explained to my daughter."
Robert M., East Orange

"I liked my visit very much. The doctor is very nice and I was comfortable."
P.W., Orange

"The dentist and staff are very professional and competent."
Charlene S., South Orange

"Everything went wel and the staff is very pleasant."
Marie I., East Orange

"I was referred by Dr. Vecchio. Dr. Lucy is very professional."
Judith Z., West Orange

"The doctor was very considerate."
Bea G., Roselle

"It was fast & pleasant."
Maria T., West Orange

"It was as wonderful as a filling could be."
Jami K., South Orange

"I enjoyed my visit today very much."
Emily M., West Orange

"My wife is also a patient here. I enjoyed my visit very much."
Lennie B., Livingston

"I heard about Dr. Slutsky from the Botwin family."
Brenda P., West Orange

"Dr. Slutsky is excellent."
Cecelia W., Orange

"Everyone here is very polite, efficient and nice."
Emily J., West Orange

Dr. Slutsky is very nice. So is the staff. They answered all my questions."
Mary G., West Orange

"It was excellent."
Daniel C., West Orange

"Great Dentist! Thanks for making my daughter so comfortable and happy."
Gary R., West Orange

"I like Dr. Lucy very much."
Emil L., East Hanover

"Dr. Slutsky has a gentle touch and is very thorough."
James W., West Orange

"I saw your advertisement. Everything was very nice."
Magako Y., West Orange

"I hear about Dr. Slutsky at the First Mountain Pre-School. She was excellent with my children."
Tracey C., West Orange

"My visit went smoothly and better than expected."
Michael J., West Orange

"Quite satisfactory. Dr. Lucy is gentle and thorough."
James W., West Orange

"I came to Dr. Slutsky bacuse I saw her ad. She is very nice."
M.Y., West Orange

"Excellent! Both Dr. Lucy and Michelle were wonderful with my children."
Tracey C., West Orange

"My visit went smoothly and better than expected."
Michael J., West Orange